Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cakes I Make

In my spare time I enjoy baking and decorating interesting cakes for different events. Below are some cakes I've created.

I created this cute little cake for a friend's marathon. I used teddy grahams for the runners and their groupies and pretzel sticks and a fruit roll up for the finish line. The lead bear is him winning the race. I iced a pair of eyeglasses on the bears face....just like he wears!

Here's a birthday cake I made for another friend. I created the chocolate monogram by choosing a font I liked and printing it out on a sheet of paper. I then taped wax paper over his initial and drizzled melted chocolate using the initial as a template to create the monogram.

This is a cake I created for our annual Christmas Dessert Party. I used fruit roll ups for the bows and fondant for the icing. You can also use fondant for the bows as I did for another cake. Make sure when you are making the bows out of fondant that you lay them on their side so that they keep their shape while drying.

This is my favorite cake! I collected maple leaves in the fall, washed them off and then painted melted chocolate across the leaves. When cooled, peal the leaves off and you now have chocolate leaves to add to your cake. I bought the marzipan acorns at Balducci's.

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  1. Dandy, indeed. This is a great gallery of your creations.


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