Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's a Bag for That!

There's a Bag for That!

Well, this entry is not about a bag per se...but it is about an organizational container!

My car came equipped with a large center console that can fit a laptop computer. It's great that there is so much room!

However, I was having a hard time using it because everything would pile up on the bottom and I could never find the right pair of sunglasses I was looking for (you know...a brown pair for when you're sporting earthtones...a black pair for when you're wearing darker colors....and then there is the funky white pair for those other times...) So, off I went to the Container Store to find something to use.

I didn't like the general car organizers they had, so I continued to look around in the different departments until I came upon this soft foam drawer organizer. They work perfectly for my space because they stack one on top of the other.

Results...a perfectly organized center console where everything I need is right there!!

Ps. Another great find while I was there were these little turtle cable holders. They are perfect for my ipod headphones (orange turtle in picture above) and the power cord to my GPS.

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