Thursday, April 8, 2010

Always One to Accessorize

Always One to Accessorize
Today's post is about those tie belts that are so popular now. I kept seeing them in stores and thinking about the old ties I had in my closet that Brian and I never wear. So, I decided to turn them into fun tie belts. 

To begin, I purchased some "D" rings at a local craft store and then searched through my closet for some fun ties.

I found these two ties that I thought would be perfect for Brian and me.

To begin making the belt, I first measured one of my own belts to get the correct length and snipped off the extra. (Note: Cut the tie on the wider end, so that you can use the small tip as the finished end of your belt.)

I then turned the tie inside out and measured the width of the narrow end of the tie and trimmed the backing fabric accordingly (the white fabric).  Then finding the seam beginning at the narrow section of the tie, I sewed a straight line from that point to the other end of the tie. This will make your tie the same width throughout. (While sewing this seam, I left the backing fabric attached to the narrow end, but didn't sew it to the rest of the tie, that will come later).

Once you've sewn the tie so that it is the same width throughout, cut off the extra fabric from the wide end of the tie and turn it right side out.

Now take the "D" rings (set of 2) and run your tie (rough end) through the rings. Double over the rough edge (including the backing fabric) so that you have a nice hem and sew it to the belt about 2" inches below the rings. Then continue sewing up the sides towards the rings and across the belt right under the rings so that the rings are secure.

Once you've done that you have yourself a beautiful new tie belt!


  1. When do I get to wear one??

  2. You should wear one this weekend!


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