Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Always One to Accessorize

Always One to Accessorize

It's azalea season here in DC, and I love the beautiful blooms these bushes produce. I wanted to do something dramatic for our mantelpiece, so I grabbed my two tall glass vases, my pruning tools and set to work on the bushes in our garden.

For these two arrangements, I found the longest and straightest branches I could find. After clipping from the bush, I then sheared off the flowers and leaves below the glass line. I placed pond rocks on the bottom of the glass to add some texture and interest, then using cellophane tape created a grid across the opening of the vases (see prior post on quick tip for flower arranging.)

Once you've completed the grid, start placing the flowers through the various holes. I had to rearrange mine  many times, due to the crooked branches that are inherent in an azalea bush.

However, in no time you have a beautiful dramatic flower arrangement.

With the leftover trimmed branches, I created smaller arrangements for the other rooms in the house!

What a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in!


  1. Awesome! I just took some to the restaurant for the front table bouquet, sadly since I only have one small azalea mine look nothing like yours.

  2. Aww....you can come and clip some from our bushes!

  3. Great Job Jeff! They're beautiful!!! Now to get out my plant shears!!! I love filling the house with azaleas this time of year.


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