Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cakes I Make

Cakes I Make

My niece was having her confirmation party on Saturday, and requested that I make her a cake. Since there were 30 people attending, I decided to make two different 8" round layered cakes to give people a choice of dessert.

The first cake I designed with spring in mind. I made a lemon raspberry cake with lemon cream cheese frosting (see earlier posting of Tommy's Easter cupcakes.)  To decorate the cake, I used candy raspberries and blackberries with an edible pansy to give it some floral flair. I purchased the edible pansies at Sir La Table in Chevy Chase. 

To give the bottom of the cake a tailored finish, I layered a wide white ribbon with a smaller green and white striped ribbon and wrapped it around the bottom edge of the cake. To hold the two ribbons together, place a fine line of icing on the back of the striped ribbon and place it on the white ribbon.  

The second cake I made was a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. To decorate, I scattered small German chocolate candies on top and edged the bottom of the cake with a chocolate brown ribbon to continue the theme.

Everyone enjoyed them and had a wonderful time. I hope you have fun creating your own cakes for that special occasion!


  1. They were DELICIOUS! Very sophisticated and yet spot on for a teenager's tastes. Thank you JEFF!!!!

  2. The cakes were wonderful! The taste and texture were fantastic and they were lovely to look at; the ribbon around the base was a great touch.

  3. These look very tasty! Do you have a good made-from-scratch cake recipe that you like (and would be willing to share)?


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