Thursday, April 1, 2010

Knit Happens and Then There's A Bag for That!

Knit Happens and Then There's A Bag for That!

Heading to an Easter brunch this Sunday?!

These wine bags are the perfect accessory for your hostess gift and they are made by your own hands!

I knitted these three wine bags using two different knitting methods. I used knitting needles for one and a small 31/2" round knitting loom for the others. Each tool produces a different patterned bag.

When conceiving the idea for knitting the wine bags with needles, I knitted a small scarf using size 7.5 needles and when I reached the appropriate length (I simply measured the scarf against the bottle), I sewed the two side seams together with matching yarn. The knitting loom, I used for the other bags, can be found at your local craft store and comes with easy and fun instructions.

Like me, you'll have a lot of fun creating the idea for each bag!

 I love the texture of this purple fun fur bag and the black and white ribbon really provides some contrast and interest to your gift.

A second choice is this peek-a-boo pink number with white satin ribbon.
To me it feels a little frisky yet demure ;).

And this final number evokes a nice French feel which would go well with a nice French wine!

Je l'adore! 

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