Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Always One to Accessorize!

Always One to Accessorize!
My partner Brian and I are working on our guest room, so that we have a fun and creative sanctuary for our overnight guests. 

One aspect of providing for your guests is to have toiletries on hand in case they were forgotten at home. I wanted to come up with a way to personalize these items and so I decided to create our own "signature" packaging for our guest bath products.

To begin the project, I started to think about the design for our label. 

  • First, I used the name Brian and I christened our house with, "Redbud Terrace." 
    • This exercise could be a fun way to engage your friends and neighbors, as you come up with a name for your own home!
  • Then I took a photograph of our house, and imported it into Photoshop. Using the brush stroke filter I created a "pencil sketch" of our home. 
    • For a less "tech" version, simply take a digital photograph of your house and scale it to size using any photo manipulation program, or turn it into a black and white photo for a more modern feel!

  • Once I completed the portrait of our home, I imported it into PageMaker and began to create our signature label. 
    • You can use any word processing program to achieve the same results; however, PageMaker allows more ease of use. 
  • When designing my label, I decided to use the French Script font as our signature font to welcome our guests and to label the product. 

  • Then I added  our monogram with a decorative border to add a personalized accent. 

  • After adding a border around my label, I was ready to print them out on heavy card stock. 

  • Once printed, I cut the labels apart and trimmed the edges to the width of the white space that I needed. 
    • The recycled bottles I'm using for our bath products require a 1 1/2" width label.

  • After cutting out the labels, I measured and cut out a larger square of a laminating sheet to place over the label to protect it from water. 
  • After both label and laminating sheet were  cut out, I used a glue stick to affix the label to the bottle. Then pulling the backing sheet off of the laminating sheet, affixed it over top of the label. 

  • Once the label was in place, I simply filled the bottles with my favorite bath products and now have a signature packaged product to welcome our guests! 

Try this fun and creative project in your home. Your guests will love it! Hopefully, they won't fill up their suitcase with the bottles when they head home ;). 


  1. LOVING IT! Good thing the bottles are so big, or your guests would indeed be packing up their souvenirs!! Could you design something like that to put on the glass vases I am using for Mom and Dad's 50th next weekend? I would need 9 of them. I can do the pasting and laminating!!!!

  2. Good point, Maureen, I'll have to bring my BIG suitcase next time I come to stay! I LOVE this idea!


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