Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Always One to Accessorize

Always One to Accessorize!
I'm always looking for new ways to spruce up a room, and so I keep an eye out for anything that might jump out at me as an interesting piece. This is the case the last time I visited Hillwood Museum and Gardens (See previous post on our visit to Hillwood).

As we were visiting Hillwood, the gift shop was having a summer clearance sale. Among the many treasures, I found a gorgeous green ceramic covered box, a beautiful sculptural bust and a fluted metal vase. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but I did know that they would fit beautifully into our decor.... and at 75% off I couldn't say no!

When I got home I tested the pieces in our different rooms. I found a wonderful spot for the bust, my partner Brian found a spot for the fluted vase, but I had special plans for the green ceramic box.

As soon as I spotted the ceramic box on the sales table, I envisioned using it as a vase for my soon-to-be blooming peonies. The beautiful green color and antique pattern would look great set against the pure white lacy petals of my peonies.  So in the morning, I got up, grabbed my gardening shears and headed out to the peonie bush to see if they were ready. Four of them were in full bloom, so I snipped them off their stems, knocked the poor ants off the blooms (I learned to always take this step when bringing flowers inside....don't ask) then looked around my garden for some interesting filler.

Walking around the garden, I found some dark purple Salvia and clipped some Magnolia limbs from the tree in our backyard to add some cool texture and color.

As I was putting the arrangement together, I wanted to create a casual striking arrangement and so I began by taping my grid across the top of the lip (see earlier post on easy flower arranging) and then started arranging the flowers together to create a new arrangement.

Once finished, I was really pleased with the color combination and how it complemented our foyer.

So when you're out and about, keep an eye out! Whether you're in a museum shop or your local Target, look at items on the shelf with a discerning eye and think about the many options you can use it for to create style in your home!

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