Thursday, May 13, 2010

Easy Time-Saver

Easy Time-Saver
When preparing my posts for "The Domestic Dandy" I use my flash drive...a lot! I tried several methods of keeping the small drive from disappearing into my work bags...and my partner will attest to, I have several. So I needed something that would work for all of them as I changed them in and out on a daily basis.

I tried a carabiner clip, but I didn't always have a loop to attach it to in my bags. My Solution! I attached the flash drive onto a binder clip...luckily I found one that matched the colors of the Domestic Dandy...and now when I need to put it in my bag, I simply clip it to any inside surface and I'm ready to roll.

Buy a binder clip that speaks to your personality!

Remove the metal arm from the main body of the binder clip and secure it on the key ring

Reconnect the metal arm onto the Binder and you're ready to go! flash drive, kindle and OK magazine...I'm ready for the day to begin!


  1. I see you have a Kindle! I am thinking about asking for one for Christmas, but am torn between the Kindle and a few of the other e-Readers. Would you mind giving me the pros and cons of the Kindle from your point of view?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I really like my kindle. I have tons of books on it, and if I'm on a trip I can quickly download a new one whenever I want.

    I can also get blogs and newspapers downloaded to it as well. However, I would not recommend it if you want to use the web a lot.

    Hope that helps!


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