Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life's A Party!

Life's A Party!
Looking for a fun theme for your next get together? Try a yoga party!

I invited friends over to Redbud Terrace for some relaxation and fun with our yoga instructor, Dave Kidney from Catalyst Yoga

Dave is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance and offers personalized yoga instruction either at Tranquil Space or in your home!  

We began the evening with a warm-up and discussion by our yogi, Dave, and then stretched and toned our bodies for an hour.

After our practice, we enjoyed some zen refreshments, including hummus and pita, fresh fruit, and a selection of cheeses. For our parched guests, we served ice cold water with lemon slices, green tea, and for those who needed a little more relaxation, we served our signature drink for the evening, Green Tea Martini's.

To make a green tea martini mix together, 2 oz - Lemon Vodka, 1/2 oz - Orange Liqueur (I used Triple Sec) and 1 oz- chilled green tea (unsweetened). Combine with ice in a martini shaker then shake and pour into a martini glass!

As the evening wound down, each guest received a small gift to remember the evening.

To create the gift, I purchased yoga charms from Oriental Trading (They have great things for all party themes!) and tied them around Tazo "Zen" green tea bags, along with some informational cards, with a hemp cord.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and walked out into the night relaxed and refreshed!


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  1. Jeff, your party is the answer to every wound-up D.C. executive's dream!! How to have a relaxing evening in workaday D.C.!! The martini sounds fantastic! Have you patented it yet? You should send this in to the Washington Post! Please put me on the guest list for the next one!!!!


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