Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dandy Travel Accessories

Dandy Travel Accessories
When heading off on vacation, I always take along my travel journal. It's not only fun to record our current  adventures, but it is also entertaining to read about past adventures and the many foibles that happen along the way as you travel to your new destination.    

I found that my favorite journal is the "Moleskin" brand. It is easy to throw in your travel bag and contains a pocket for tickets to special events or other keepsakes collected on your vacation.  

As you pack your bags for your summer vacation, throw in a journal and write down the adventures that you have. Don't forget to add personal stories and touches that meant something on your travels. And don't forget to add photos! My favorite part of my journal is the imagery that accompanies the text. 

To add photos, I simply import them into a photo program and reduce the size so that they can be easily added to the page with a glue stick. 

Find your journal here!

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