Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Uses for Old Things

New Uses for Old Things
When the weather finally started to get warm here in DC, my partner and I began our annual tour of the garden to see what survived the winter and what didn't. To our disappointment, our much beloved water fountain did not make it. After cleaning it up and filling it with water, we were sad to see that it no longer held water because of a crack in the bottom tier. 

I felt like it would be a waste to just throw it out and replace it, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. The answer presented itself when we visited Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, MD. We found an old fountain that they had turned into a beautiful planter. So with the image fresh in our minds, we scoured the garden center for plants that would work in our space and provide variation and texture to our planter. 

For our planter, I wanted a sense of flowing water. So we chose creeping jenny, vinca vines from our garden, purple and white verbena, and for some interesting texture we added a small fern and some moss and lichen we found from the forest near our friend's place in West Virginia.

Once we added the potting soil, and placed the various plant material, we had an instant focal point to enjoy in our garden. 

I love seeing the plants fill in each day and as the various flowers open up
they add beautiful color to our arrangement.


  1. Oh, I just stumbled across your post! Lovely! Thanks for the inspiration... we inherited a leaping dolphin fountain with our recent home purchase. I'd love to ditch it but our daughter (4) loves it because it reminds her of a Bahamian vacation we took. Ugh. This however could be its saving grace! I love the inspiration... We're in hot Southern California so we can't do the delicate vines you used but perhaps we can do something similar! Thanks again!

    1. Flaca,

      Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Be sure to send a pic of your completed project when you're done. I'd love to see it!


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