Thursday, July 29, 2010

Always One to Accessorize!

Tickled by Tassels!
I was browsing in a local fabric store a couple of weekends ago and discovered that they were having a clearance sale on curtain tassels. I certainly didn't need any tassels for my curtains, but the fact that they were on clearance made me pause and reflect on how I could use these beautiful adornments.

As I thought about how I could utilize them, I remembered that we were invited to an upcoming party. As it is way too hot in DC right now to knit some wine bags (see post on knitted wine bags), I realized that these tassels would make beautiful wine bottle embellishments.

When I brought them home and tried them out, I was delighted with the results! 

From now on, I'll keep a few of these handy for when I need a quick adornment!

Quick note: When buying your tassels, make sure they are short enough to display correctly. If they are too long, it creates a messy presentation.

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