Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe Malfunction
Yes, there are many wardrobe malfunctions in our lives. As the heat continues to rise, I became aware of another pet peeve.

I can't stand those peaks that occur on button down short sleeve shirts.

It makes a Dandy look…well...less than dandy.
To rectify the problem, I do a simple alteration to my shirts.

By simply sewing an angled line down the inside seam of the sleave (about ½ “ to an 1“ depending on your arm size) you can really create a tailored look for little time and expense.

 I do this with all my shirts where this is a problem and love the results!
If you have more time, you can also alter the sides of the shirt yourself to create an even more tailored look. These alterations are simple to do and no need to drop them off at the tailor anymore!


  1. I love the before and after expressions!! May all your shirts be peakless :-)

  2. I think this a great idea. Unfortunately I can't do my own alterations, so it's either Courtney or the tailor.


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