Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No-Show Loafer Sock

Product Details
My friend Will turned me onto these loafer socks and I will never turn back. Before I bought my first pair of "no-shows," I was wearing my loafers barefoot...which is very undandylike. 

No more! These "no-show" socks are wonderful! Not only are they comfortable, but they keep your feet fresh and dandy all day long!
I recommend buying several pairs in black and khaki to cover any shoe situation!

Buy yours here!
No Show Loafer Liner Sock - 3 pack - for Men by Gold Toe
No Show Loafer Liner Sock - 3 pack - for Men by Gold Toe

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cakes I Make!

I wasn't able to post yesterday because it would have ruined the surprise...

My Partner's, soon to be Husband's, birthday was yesterday. He loves caramel, so I wanted to make a special cake that would reflect his favorite flavor. Enter "Paula Dean's Caramel Cake!"

This cake is not for the faint of heart. If you know Paula at all, she loves her some butter... 

And so, with 4 sticks of butter and tons of sugar, I began to build Brian's birthday cake. The recipe was very simple to do and didn't take much time to make. I even had some extra filling to pour on some sweets later on down the road :). The recipe can be found here!

Once the cake was finished it was time for my favorite part....decorating the cake! 
For Brian's cake, I used a copper colored tulle ribbon along with rust colored birthday candles. It looked shimmery and beautiful with the caramel colored icing. 

Happy Birthday Brian! I Love you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cleanliness is next to bliss...

Soapology NYC
I recently received a wonderful surprise in the mail for my birthday!

This past winter we spent a few days in New York with some friends. We walked around and took in the many sights and sounds of the city. One sight that we remember in particular was a store we chanced upon in the West Village called "Soapology."

While were were walking past the store, a beautiful pale-skinned redhead offered us a free hand massage and exfoliation. She was a wonderful saleswoman and we were quickly drawn inside, where we were led to the back of the store and to a vintage bathtub set up for our demonstration. 

She had each of us try different products on our hands and when we were finished they were soft and supple...very unlike the condition they were in upon entering the store.

After being overwhelmed by the delicious aromas, soaps and bath potions, we eagerly pulled out our wallets and purchased some items to take home with us.

Small Brown Sugar Scrub Verbena Ginger
We've been enjoying our verbena and ginger brown sugar scrub and our walnut polisher ever since.
Walnut Polisher

And now this week, we received a free bar of Citrus Splash soap as a birthday gift!

 I love the organic and aromatic products that Soapology creates and will certainly go back the next time we are in town! However, if we run out of our scrubs before then, I'll certainly be ordering them online! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Knit Happens and Then There's a Bag for That

I've been getting the itch to stitch recently, so I tried to think of what interesting project I could do that wouldn't take too much time. As I was walking to my yoga class one night, it hit me that I could try and knit my very own yoga bag!

When conceiving the idea of how to do it, I remembered my medium size round knitting loom. I usually use it to create hats, but when I thought about my yoga bag, I realized it is just like a really, really long hat! So I picked out my yarn, and set to work!

I chose a gray and white chunky yarn that was soft to the touch...

Once I started, it took me about a week to create my yoga bag on the knitting loom.
After finishing the bag, I purchased a gray strap from a local variety store along with a gray drawstring cord. 
I attached the gray strap to the top and bottom of the yoga bag with needle and thread and ran the drawstring cord through the rim of the opening of the bag.

Now, I'm stylin' for class with my new fall  fresh yoga bag!

You can get your knitting loom set here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cakes I Make

Cakes I Make
I really like the look of decorating a cake with ribbon. It's an easy way to dress up a cake, and it always looks festive. 

Now, I'm excited to take it one step further with these edible ribbons I discovered at orientaltrading.com!
I purchased this plaid ribbon a couple of months ago, and finally had an opportunity to use them this past weekend when my partner and I were invited to a dinner party.  I love how easy they are to use and they taste great! Once you've baked your cake, icing it with your favorite icing and then smooth on the edible ribbon around the sides of your cake. Garnish the top with any festive flair and whallah, you have a beautifully decorated cake!

Try your hand at this easy decorating method for your next get together!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Songs for A Summer Evening

Songs for A Summer Evening
Now that summer's end is almost upon us, I wanted to put together a playlist for those cool nights to come.

As I was selecting the music, I envisioned an evening relaxing in the garden with friends remembering our sun-filled adventures and savoring those last weeks of summer before the chill of fall begins to fill the air.
Summer Reflections

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Always One to Accessorize!

Always One to Accessorize!
A new baby entered our lives this summer by the name of "Bailey." He's cute and adorable, and when it came time to get his first leash and collar, I needed something as stylish as he is.

As I scoured the pet stores for a collar that would complement him, I came up empty handed. However, once I took my search online I discovered this wonderful London plaid set at swankypet.net.

Large Product Image
The clasps are heavy duty and the harness is perfect for training a puppy to go on walks. Not too mention how stylish the London plaid colors are for both man and dog.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Decorator's Tool

Home Decorator's Tool
My partner and I are searching for the perfect fireplace screen for our living room. As we were conducting our online search, we found a couple of options. However, with so many choices we were not sure which one we liked the best.

Solution? I decided to take a digital picture of our fireplace and "try on" each screen against our very own fireplace to see how it looks.

Using my photo editing software, I copied each photo from the web onto the picture of our fireplace and "scaled" the screen down to the appropriate dimensions. The immediate results really helped us to visually decide on the "right" screen for our room. Well....almost. Now, we just have to come to an agreement on which one we both like ;)!

Quick tip: Double check your measurements so you have the proper fit over your fireplace.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life's A Party!

Life's A Party! Here's a fun idea for a summer evening!

This past weekend, my partner and I invited some friends over for an "Outdoor Movie Night" featuring the classic "Auntie Mame."

As guests arrived they were greeted by Rosalind Russell herself!

Once they entered our garden they were welcomed in the spirit of Mame with a table filled with wine and traditional movie fare including popcorn, M & M's, and Twizzlers.

To display the movie, we connected our laptop to a projector and sonos speaker system and displayed the movie on a simple white sheet unfurled in the backyard.
Sonos S5 All-In-One Wireless Music System (White)
GSI Super Quality All-In-One Multi-Media Portable Mini Projector with RGB LED Lights - USB Interface, Connect to PC, Laptop or Notebook - SD/Memory Card Slot - Includes USB Cable and Table-Top Tripod - For Video Presentation

Everyone had a wonderful time eating, drinking and laughing to the classic lines of good old Auntie Mame!
In fact it worked out so well, I see many more screenings in the future! 

Quick tip: In order to produce your own posters for your movie night, simply download the freeware program Posterizer 1.0 here! This image processing software program generates a large scale poster of your digital photograph on several sheets of paper. Some assembly required ;).
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