Friday, August 27, 2010

Cakes I Make!

I wasn't able to post yesterday because it would have ruined the surprise...

My Partner's, soon to be Husband's, birthday was yesterday. He loves caramel, so I wanted to make a special cake that would reflect his favorite flavor. Enter "Paula Dean's Caramel Cake!"

This cake is not for the faint of heart. If you know Paula at all, she loves her some butter... 

And so, with 4 sticks of butter and tons of sugar, I began to build Brian's birthday cake. The recipe was very simple to do and didn't take much time to make. I even had some extra filling to pour on some sweets later on down the road :). The recipe can be found here!

Once the cake was finished it was time for my favorite part....decorating the cake! 
For Brian's cake, I used a copper colored tulle ribbon along with rust colored birthday candles. It looked shimmery and beautiful with the caramel colored icing. 

Happy Birthday Brian! I Love you!


  1. I feel a heart attack coming on!! It looks/sounds delicious :-)

  2. Gorgeous cake, Jeff, and Happy Birthday to Brian! You are too sweet and creative for words. I think Paula needs to have you on her show for a guest spot to show her how a proper gay does birthdays! xo


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