Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Decorator's Tool

Home Decorator's Tool
My partner and I are searching for the perfect fireplace screen for our living room. As we were conducting our online search, we found a couple of options. However, with so many choices we were not sure which one we liked the best.

Solution? I decided to take a digital picture of our fireplace and "try on" each screen against our very own fireplace to see how it looks.

Using my photo editing software, I copied each photo from the web onto the picture of our fireplace and "scaled" the screen down to the appropriate dimensions. The immediate results really helped us to visually decide on the "right" screen for our room. Well....almost. Now, we just have to come to an agreement on which one we both like ;)!

Quick tip: Double check your measurements so you have the proper fit over your fireplace.

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