Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Dandy Wedding Revisited!

Three years ago today, I married my partner and best friend of 14 years. With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas that I used on our wedding day to help make it a dandy day!

One of the many fun things I did for our wedding
was create gift bags for our out of town guests! 

We had a few friends and family members who came from out of town for the wedding. I wanted to welcome them in true Dandy Style, so I created a welcome gift bag for each friend and family member who stayed overnight at our hotel.

I wanted to make our guests comfortable, so I thought about what to place in our welcome bag. I decided to include a bottle of water, a big cookie, a monogrammed vanilla candle and an invitation to breakfast with Brian and I the next morning.

I had a great time creating the personalized items.

The first item I personalized were the water bottles.
To begin, I bought water bottles and removed the company label that was attached to the bottles. 

After removing and measuring the label, I created my own label using cardstock and a color printer.

Once I created the labels, I then glued them to the water bottles creating our signature bottle!

The next items I created were the personalized cookie sleeves and monogrammed candles.

Both of these items I purchased through!

I purchased delicious cookies from our local bakery, tightly sealed them with saran wrap and then wrapped each individual cookie in a blue cellophane wrapper and slipped it inside each signature sleeve.

The candles arrived naked in it's tin shell and I simply applied the personalized stickers I created online!

I loved how easy it was to personalize each item and the finished look it gave our gifts!

The final item I added to our welcome bag were invitations to breakfast the next morning with my husband and myself.
It was wonderful seeing our guests happy and content the next morning at breakfast!

If you have guests coming from out of town, either for a wedding or simply coming to stay with you in your home, think about how you can make their stay a little bit more fun and interesting!

Another favorite idea from our wedding was the transitional aspect of our pew markers. Our florist, Stephen McLeod, designed them so that they could be taken to the reception sight and used as centerpieces on our tables. 

Floral Designs by Stephen McLeod
Photography by Patrick Onofre
It was a wonderful idea and saved us some money, which is always a dandy thing!

As Brian and I celebrate our anniversary, I would like to wish all those getting ready to tie the knot many blessings and a lifetime of happiness!

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