Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life...made simple!

Last week I made a trip to the Container Store to look at their Elfa shelving system and found a wonderful closet organizer for my work bags

While I was there, I enjoyed looking around at all the gadgets they have to make life simpler and more fun (even if it has to cost a little more to be simpler...lol). 

On my travels around the store, I came upon this fantastic gadget for our Bailey and Maggie. 
Bailey (front) and Maggie (back)

Pet Top Combo Portable Drinking Device and Short Neck Adapter for Pets, Orange
It's a cap that turns any standard water bottle into a convenient water dispenser for your dog. When the top part is opened slightly it allows your pet to lap up the water by rolling the ball inside the cap. Ingenious! 

I love this idea because I no longer have to carry around a big travel bowl on our hikes, etc. I merely toss this in my pocket and we are on our way! 
Our friend's Whippets liked it too!
AJ takes a long languid drink!
Get Yours Here!

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