Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Bright Idea

Here's a quick tip for installing a light over the dining room table!

Small Finley Wheat Pendant Lamp
small finley wheat pendant light
My husband and I purchased this pendant light for our breakfast room. We wanted to center it over the breakfast room table to complement the circumference of the table. To hang it over the center, Brian surprised me with this bright idea to find the sweet spot on the ceiling. 

By simply placing a flashlight in the center of your table and shining the beam onto the ceiling, you have an instant idea of where your light needs to be installed.
 Once we found the spot, Brian simply (well, maybe not too simply) hung our light!
Tip: The ideal height to hang a light over a dining table is anywhere between 28" - 32" 


  1. "that's a brilliant idea, Dandy! no pun intended."

  2. Great idea! The dynamic duo strikes again!! Thanks for tip.


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