Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Organized Life....Is A Good Life

My husband, Brian and I have quite a collection of shades. Whether we are wearing gray, brown or black tones...feeling fresh, swanky or sexy, we always have a great pair of sunglassses ready to go with any outfit or mood. However, having so many choices laying around begins to create a chaotic mess.
We no longer had room in our cars for our glasses and so they began to collect in our breakfast room where we were able to grab a pair quickly on our way out the door. It was very convenient, but not very aesthetically pleasing. 

My solution....
I made my way to the Container Store for an organizational cure. Not only are the staff at the Container Store phenomenal at their jobs, but I love that they get excited when presented with a new organizational challenge. Imagine my delight when the saleswoman, Julie, lit up when I told her I was looking for something to organize my sunglasses. After exclaiming, "Oh, interesting!" she proceeded to help me come up with ideas on how to tame our clutter.
Grey Document Box
I knew I wanted some sort of box to contain the chaos and we found the perfect solution with the Grey Document Box. The document box is just the right size and is tailored enough for display. 

However, I  didn't want to just throw the glasses in the box and have them slide around unhindered. So, Julie suggested a number of solutions. The winner was adding the slotted interlocking drawer organizer to the inside of the box. 
slotted interlocking drawer organizer
Once I measured and placed the dividers inside the box, it created the perfect space for all of our sunglasses!
Now, all of our glasses are hidden discreetly and conveniently away on a shelf in our breakfast room!

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