Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Easy Holiday Centerpiece

This past weekend, I needed a glam centerpiece for our Holiday Dessert Open House. However, with creating my poinsettia cake and last minute party preparations, I had less than ideal time to create it.

Thankfully, I knew I wanted to use our silver and gold vase as the base of the arrangement; and when I glittered my golden wreath and berries, I also gilded some crepe myrtle branches from our backyard.

So after running downstairs and grabbing the vase and some gilded sticks, I ran outside with a pair of clippers to snip off some evergreen branches from our trees!

Once I placed the evergreen and gilded branches into my vase, I dug into my extra Christmas decorations and pulled out a string of gold beads, some glitter pinecones and some leftover golden apples.

By applying floral wire to the bottom of the pinecones and apples, I was able to insert them in between my branches. As a final touch, I draped the golden beads around the rim of the vase using the floral wire to attach the beads to the bottom of the branches.

While it took me under an hour to create, I think it made a brilliant centerpiece for the table!
 poinsettia 022

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  1. It DID look beautiful - dramatic! I love using things from my garden. Cheers, Maureen


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