Thursday, December 30, 2010

Redbud Terrace Winter Punch


A staple of any holiday party is a good house drink. My husband, Brian, makes an excellent punch for our holiday gatherings that we call “Redbud Terrace Winter Punch.” It’s easy to prepare and it’s always a hit! Try this yummy drink at your next gathering! The recipe is below:

Redbud Terrace Winter Punch

10-12 servings 5 min 5 min prep

1-12 oz can frozen cranberry juice concentrate, almost thawed

1-12 oz. can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, almost thawed

1-12 oz. can frozen limeade concentrate, almost thawed

1- 31/4 cup bottle white wine, chilled

2- 31/4 cup bottles champagne, chilled

1-1ltr. bottle of carbonated water or dub soda, chilled

1 - lemon, sliced

1/2 cup fresh mint

1-12 oz. package strawberries or raspberries, frozen

Combine all in a large punch bowl or if you don't have one, combine it all in a large clean pot and serve it in pitchers. Add the frozen fruit just before serving. The mint can be left in the punch bowl or removed just before serving, but it adds a wonderful flavor so don't leave it out.

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