Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wintry Wine Accessories!

It’s that time of year again! You have lots of holiday parties to attend and you’re looking for something fun and interesting to give the host.

A great Wine is always a good staple to give to your host, but why not give it a little creative holiday twist.

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I knitted this wintry scarf and hat for our host gift. It was fun to knit and quick to make. I knitted this set over a couple of nights watching some holiday classics…oh Snoopy how I love your Christmas display! 

To knit my scarf and hat set, I used a pair of size 4 needles and a thin white yarn, but you can use any yarn of your choice.


To create the scarf, I simply cast on 10 stitches then knit one row and purled the next until I had enough rows for my scarf. I then hand-sewed  feather trim on each end (I bought a small white boa at the craft store then cut it up into small pieces).


For the hat, I cast on 5 stitches then knit one row and purled the next decreasing my stitches until I created a triangle shape. Then I hand-sewed the edges together to create my hat. Once I added a small white pom-pom to the tip of my hat and some feather trim around the bottom it was ready to go!

P1010863 copy

Another bottle cover, that I’m particularly proud of, is this cable knit number. You may remember one of my very first posts where I turned Brian’s old Irish sweater into 2 beautiful pillows for our sofa. After creating the pillows, I kept all of the leftover pieces knowing that I could use them in another project someday. Well, today was the day, and I created this chic cover out of that very same sweater simply by sewing up the bottom of the sleeve. I love the cable knit pattern, and it looks truly wintry and beautiful as a wine bottle cover.

As you’re heading out to your holiday parties, think of what you can create to show your host you care!

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