Monday, January 24, 2011

Altered States…

When I first learned to knit, I spent weeks knitting a warm scarf for my husband Brian for Christmas using big chunky yarn and needles.

Unfortunately, when I finished the scarf and presented it to him on Christmas morning, I quickly realized I had knitted it too long and wide for him…it was way too impractical to use as a scarf.

afghan 008

As he didn’t want to hurt my feelings, he wore that scarf for a few weeks and then buried it at the bottom of our winter accessories drawer.

Over the years, I kept seeing this scarf in the drawer and wondered how I could alter it. I tried felting it, but had no luck in shrinking the scarf. Then a couple of months ago, I realized I could turn it into an afghan by knitting a separate panel and attaching it to the scarf!

afghan 004

I envisioned the scarf as a contrasting stripe to the rest of the afghan, so I bought skeins of putty colored yarn and began my work knitting the bottom 2/3 of the afghan.

afghan 007

Once I finished knitting the panel, I completed my afghan by sewing the scarf to the panel using the putty colored yarn and a yarn needle and adding fringe to the bottom half of the afghan.

afghan 012

The results were a great success.

afghan 016

Now Brian can finally use his present and I’ve cleared room out of the drawer for more handmade scarves!

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