Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Knitting with Balls

Now, that I’ve finished Brian’s afghan, I’m searching for a new project to do on these cold winter nights.

Thankfully, I received this book, “Knitting with Balls” from my husband as a gift for Christmas! As you can tell, it is chocked full of projects for the male knitter.

The book begins with a history of men’s knitting with interesting facts like “knitting first traveled to Europe at the end of the first millennium via sailors aboard fishing boats from the Middle East and “During the two World Wars men knit both at war and while recovering in the hospital.” From there the book moves onto the art of knitting and includes many fun projects for men. A few of my favorites include…
infinity scarf
this dandy infinity scarf…

and this handsome laptop sleeve…

I think my I’m going to tackle the infinity scarf for my next project. Keep checking back to see how it goes!

Purchase your “Knitting with Balls” book here!

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  1. Jeff, I too had heard about the importance of men knowing how to knit to make their hammocks, and repair/make their fishing nets and to pass the time and clothe themselves when the women weren't around to do it.  What a great book!  Have fun! Cheers -M


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