Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rehoboth Style


For the President’s Day holiday, my husband and I spent a beautiful weekend in Rehoboth Beach, DE. We had a wonderful time visiting our friends and strolling around the historic downtown touring the various boutique stores. 

One particular boutique clothing store, that I fell in love with, was named SPAHR. The owner and designer, Scott Spahr, creates beautiful handmade shirts, pants and accessories for men and women alike. I was captivated by the beautiful fabrics and interesting patterns and textures that Scott uses to create his one of a kind looks.

I was particularly drawn towards his pants and dress shirts. The attention to detail that Scott puts into his creations, like the moleskin pants and dress shirt below, is eye-catching and refreshing.   


enlarged view of back pocket detail


I love the bold stripe pattern…


… and signature SS on the dress shirt!


After discussing his designs and perusing his wares, we also walked out with one of Scott’s handmade belts for each of us!


The vibrant colors and contrasting patterns are perfect for spring!


If you are headed to Rehoboth in the coming months, I highly recommend stopping by SPAHR (43 Baltimore St.) to add a few unique pieces to your wardrobe!

Bonus! In addition to clothing and accessories, Scott also sells home décor including handmade pillows and fragrant candles.

Pillows designed and made by Scott Spahr. Candles by Bon Chic

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