Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Warmth With Style

One thing that this past weekend has taught us is that winter is not quite finished with us. With the blustery winds we experienced, a winter scarf was essential. But a scarf is not just a way to warm your neck. How a man wears his scarf can be a stylish statement as well! There are many ways for a dandy to wear his scarf, but my favorite styles are below:

The Tuck P1020021

This style is great for those rush-out-the-door workday mornings or…with the right scarf…those nights out on the town.

For my evening look, I pair my faux shorn fur scarf with my black fitted blazer.


By simply overlapping the ends of your scarf and tucking them under your coat, you provide a warm layer over your neck and your chest! This style works best with a short scarf!


The Round AboutP1020025

I love this look! By taking a long scarf and circling it around your neck and tucking the ends into your jacket, you create a loose, casual style for those weekend walks in the city or the park.


The Londoner P1020020

And last but not least, is my favorite way to wear my winter scarves. I call it the Londoner, as I first saw it on the streets of London when Brian and I visited a couple of years ago. This is my go-to look. It’s simple to do and provides much needed warmth and style to any outfit.


Simply fold your long scarf in half…


and pull the tails through the loop you’ve created. Pull it tight or leave it a little loose, either way you’re bound to turn heads!


Keep Warm and Stylish!!

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