Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Oughta Be in Pictures!

Angel’s Perch–“We’re Making a Movie”

Have you always wanted to get involved in the movies?! Here’s your chance to become a part of an indie feature! Angel’s Perch, which will be shot by a talented group of filmmakers in West Virginia this fall, explores the complicated joys and difficulties of going home. My friend, JT Arbogast, wrote this heart whelming screenplay and you can help him get it produced!

What’s the film about? Inspired by the writer’s own roots in WV, Angel’s Perch is “the story of Jack, a successful young architect living in Pittsburgh, who must make the trip to his hometown of Cass, WV to move his grandmother into an assisted-care facility…But what was intended to be a two day, under-the-radar trip becomes more complicated when Jack can’t bring himself to leave Polly at the nursing home. Torn between the career opportunity of a lifetime, caring for his last living relative and running from his own painful memories, Jack is forced to choose between standing still or facing the pain of his past, so that he can finally move forward.

Inspired by the writer’s own roots in WV, Angel’s Perch explores all the complicated joys and difficulties that accompany the journey ‘home.’ Set in the historic logging town of Cass, the film will be shot on a Red camera and will incorporate local musicians in the soundtrack for the project.”

Go to to learn more about this fun and exciting opportunity! I’m a backer and you can be one too!!

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