Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Tales from the City…

My husband and I had an amazing time touring LA and San Francisco. As we journeyed, I kept an eye out for West Coast inspirations that I could bring back with me to the East Coast.

One day in San Francisco, with no specific plans in store, we decided to venture to Chinatown and then wander around the city to see what it had to offer us.

After a fun flurry of activity and many uphill climbs around the city we came upon the famous “Fairmont” hotel.\
Feeling exhausted and in need of rest, we decided to relax a little while in the beautiful lobby. 

As we sank into the welcoming arms of the plush upholstered chairs, I noticed the beautiful floral display in the center of the lobby.
The gorgeous and dramatic blooming branches took my breath away and I knew that this was something I could recreate in our home back in DC.

Armed with my clippers and an array of glass vases, I set to the task of recreating this beautiful centerpiece with a little flourish of my own.

After clipping off some cherry branches that had just blossomed (if you don’t have any flowering trees nearby, check out your local florist), I added soft gray and black river stones to the bottom of each vase and arranged the branches…splitting them between the three vases. Once the arrangement was in place, I then filled each with water.
cherry blossoms 001
The end result was an eye catching display of spring! Now, when is the warm weather going to arrive??!!

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  1. You've brought a little bit of SF back to your home in DC.


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