Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tales From the City…

One thing that I loved, while we were in LA, was the sense of style. Men and Women, celebrity or “man on the street,” were styled and ready to meet the paparazzi at every turn.

The stylish atmosphere inspired me to do a little shopping. One of the fun fashion finds I found was this sweater I discovered off of Rodeo Drive (with a little lunch thrown in and a Brian Glazer sighting!).
march 029
I loved the sweater, however, when I put it on back here in DC…away from the glamorous lights of Hollywood…I decided it needed a little something extra. Immediately, my dandy sense went into full fashion mode…
march 028
To spice up my sweater, I decided to accentuate the pocket detail and add a little trim.
march 027
For today’s look, I went with a coordinated grosgrain ribbon that accentuated my dress shirt. The trim was a nice touch that added some needed interest!
march 026
When you’re getting dressed for the day’s adventures, always think about ways you can personalize your look!

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  1. Love it! Amazing how such a simple addition brings it to life so much.


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