Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Always One to Accessorize

This past weekend, we were hosting some friends at Redbud Terrace. Unfortunately, my spring floral display was not as fresh as it could be and I needed to come up with a design idea to replace my wilted branches.

A quick dash to my craft supply room delivered some gold mesh ribbon, candles, glue dots…and an idea!

After disposing of the fallen flowers, I quickly cleaned my vases and placed three tall pillar candles inside each one.

After carefully measuring the circumference of the glass cylinders, I then cut the appropriate length of ribbon and affixed it to each vase using my trusty glue dots.

Results! A beautiful shimmering centerpiece that added some dramatic lighting to our festivities.

Note: I really wanted my flames to shimmer, so I secured the ribbon at varying levels according to where my flame burned the brightest!

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