Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Dandy Does NY

Of the many adventures in NY last week, one of my favorites was meeting fashion designer, Nanette Lepore.

Guided by Adrienne Alaimo, a sweater designer for Ms. Lepore, we toured the design studio in the garment district and had the great honor of meeting the designer herself.

As we toured the studio, we witnessed the behind the scenes work that goes into each garment. It was fascinating to learn that the designing, pattern-making, cutting and production of Ms. Lepore’s designs are produced here in the United States. In fact, Nanette Lepore maintains 85% of her production locally in the garment district. 1 Ms. Lepore is one of the principal players in the “Save the Garment District” movement in NY and is very adament about producing her clothes in the United States.

As our tour ended, we were invited to the showroom to view the pieces of her Fall 2011 collection fresh from the runways of Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park. We were amazed at the intricate beading, textures and cuts of the fabulous clothing and I only wished that she had a menswear line as well.

It was wonderful to meet Ms. Lepore and very kind of her to take time out of her busy schedule to talk with us. It was fascinating to meet the person behind the name, and equally interesting to catch her in a moment of “real life.” While we were asking questions of the high profile designer, she took a call from her daughter and instantly became a “mother” in front of us. It was great to see the humanity behind the designer and it made us all appreciate her even more.

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