Friday, April 29, 2011

A Dandy Does NY

Another exciting venue we attended while in NY was the International Exposition of Sculpture Objects and Functional Art (S.O.F.A). This amazing exhibition, held at the historic Park Avenue Armory, is the world’s foremost fairs of contemporary Decorative arts and Design.

As we walked among the many artist and gallery booths, we were constantly struck by the beautiful artworks in front of us!

A few of my favorite pieces at the exhibition included these porcelain figurines by artist, Chris Antemann.
Kendrick_Moholt_Chris_Antemann_The_Slip_photograph_7065_374I love how these exquisite figurines, inspired by 18th century porcelain figurines, bring a modern touch and feel to the traditional medium. As stated in her bio, “Chris Antemann's work employs a unity of design and concept to  simultaneously examine and parody male and female relationship roles...Themes from the classics and the romantics are given a contemporary edge; elaborate dinner parties, picnic luncheons and festive celebrations set the stage for her twisted tales to unfold.” Each whimsical scene was so exquisitely detailed that the longer you spent with the piece the more that was revealed to you.

Another piece that I couldn’t resist was this nesting chair by Jae-Hyo Lee.
scan0004Crafted from the trunks of pine trees, it's massive scale belies it's soft almost silken touch and cradling comfort. It was…needless to say…hard to tear myself away from it.

A final piece that I loved was this hand-stitched textile soft sculpture. Created by artist, Alison Mercer of Wales. We had the honor of dining with Ms. Mercer and she explained that her work at the local maternity ward in Wales, heavily influences her sculptures. Each piece reveals a mother's yearning, love and loss.

This particular soft sculpture is entitled "Broody Girl" and signifies women who want to have a baby, but who are unable to have one.

We had a wonderful time at the exhibition and left exhausted but satiated. It was now time for a wonderful dinner and a full glass of malbec!

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