Tuesday, May 10, 2011

“Acquired Taste”…an Essay by Novelist, Carol Edgarian

How does one develop personal style? As I was perusing  my issue of W magazine, I came upon an article by Carol Edgarian titled, “Acquired Taste.”

I wanted to share this article because in this wonderful piece, Ms. Edgarian reflects on the origins of personal style. She recalls the beginning of her own journey writing, “On my first trip to Florence, I saw her...her olive cashmere cape flowing behind her. She had a handsome but not beautiful face; it was a face that had seen a few of life’s turns—the lovers and the heartaches, the pull of time—and understood them.”
And as she contemplates her personal style journey, she really spoke to me as she concludes, "Style is how you see the world and how the world sees you. It isn't today and it isn't tomorrow; it isn't a dress or a car or a shoe or a comment- it's the cut of your sail as you cross this crazy, uncharted sea. Far ahead, legions of boats have already made the crossing-some grander, some more sleek-and still newer boats are always coming up behind you. Style is the manner in which you navigate your one remarkable voyage."

Please read Ms. Edgarian’s full article here. And remember no matter what the trends may be, always remain true to yourself.

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