Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cakes I Make

Amber Whitesel
My lovely niece was married this past weekend in a beautiful barn surrounded by family and loved ones. As she was planning the wedding, she asked me to create a groom’s cake for the reception. Her fiancĂ© now husband is a huge fan of Sony’s PlayStation 3 and so she asked that I create a PS3 groom’s cake. I thought it would be fun to create the cake…and I could never say “no” to my niece…so I immediately said yes!

One of the first things I did was to begin looking at pictures of the PlayStation console and think about how to recreate it in cake form. 

Thankfully, the console is a pretty basic shape, so I set to work on planning the decoration of the cake.

One of the key components, for me, was the game controller. I immediately thought about finding a candy mold to make the controller, but was elated when I discovered chocolate controllers for sale at Chocolate.com. With the controller set in place, I turned my attention to creating the console.

I began by baking a 9” x 13” cake and cutting out the basic shape of the console.
Then, I iced the cake with a layer of frosting
After icing the cake, I rolled out the black fondant I purchased online and placed it on top of the cake.

After smoothing the black fondant onto the cake, I cut out the “PS3” and “control strip” pieces out of white fondant using paper templates I made as a guide. After the pieces were cut out, I dampened the fondant and embellished them with silver sugar crystals.
Once I finished the cake, I added some of the leftover icing to the back of the chocolate game controller and placed it on the side of the cake.
The end result was a grooms cake that everyone loved!
Congratulations and best wishes Amber and Derek!!


  1. Good job Jeff!!!

  2. Wow Jeff! Great cake. Long way from those classes of yesteryear. What a fabulous job! Those were fun, huh? :0)


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