Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knit Happens…

I love trying new knitting stitches and patterns, but it’s difficult learning a new stitch. Recently, I’ve been trying to learn how to cable knit, but being a visual person, I had problems reading the instructions in my how-to books. Plus, being a lefty…in this right hand world…doesn’t help either!!

Thankfully, I discovered a fun and helpful iPhone app called “Knitting Help.” Packed with how-to videos for everything from creating cable knits to bobbles this app is the perfect knitter’s accessory…and at only $4.99 it’s a steal!

The videos are well produced and very helpful when showing how to knit the many stitches. And even more helpful…videos on how to fix one’s mistakes!
Now, thanks to the “Knitting Help” app, I’m on my way to finishing my first cable knit scarf…

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