Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Dandy Design Tour…

Sun…Sand…Surf…and shopping!

What are your plans  for the July 4th weekend?! I love heading to the beach and one of my favorite spots is Rehoboth, DE. The sand, the surf, and of course Poodle beach all offer wonderful and often interesting views.

However, when the waters are a little ruff and cold, what does one do?! When the beach is too cold, that’s when I head to the streets for the hot design stores that call Baltimore Avenue home.

One of my favorite stores is Boxwood Home at 39 Baltimore Ave. This beautiful design store offers sophisticated designs inspired by nature.

Here you’ll find beautiful accessories such as…
sculptural corals,
sea inspired pillows,

and decadent aromatic candles and housewares!

One of my favorite pieces is this portrait of Eve comprised of porcelain plates.
Boxwood Home also offers a beautiful selection of furniture that feel like heirloom pieces, but only if Grandma had exceptional taste. With so much to offer, I never leave without discovering a new and interesting item.

If you’re heading to Rehoboth for the big weekend or shopping online, check out Boxwood Home!

And as a special treat for my Domestic Dandy readers, the owners of Boxwood Home is offering 20% off your order if you mention you heard about them on “The Domestic Dandy!” For online purchases, simply enter the code DANDY20 for your online discount!

So if you’re heading to Rehoboth this weekend, don’t spend all of your time on the sand! Nurture your design side as well at Boxwood Home!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Serene Spaces

As my readers are aware, we’ve been working hard on our garden this spring to create a welcome retreat from the city. After completing our water feature, I wanted to finish it off with a cool chandelier to hang over our back patio. This would not only help to define the space, but it would also add a nice touch of ambient light to add to the serene atmosphere we wished to create.

I almost gave up, however, after searching for an outdoor chandelier that was a good size, but didn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Thankfully, I remembered having some old chandeliers in the attic that we had taken down when we first moved into our new house. After rummaging around I found one that was the perfect size and shape.
I ran into a problem though, because the chandelier was built to have the glass globes hang down from the outstretched arms. As I wanted to place candles on the arms, I had to do some quick problem solving. The answer came as I turned the chandelier upside down and removed and reversed the chain and fob. Whaala!! We had a new vintage outdoor chandelier for no extra cost!!
Now, the only issue was how to light the candles in the evenings when we wanted to enjoy the garden.

Again, I searched long and hard and discovered these remote controlled battery operated outdoor candles from Frontgate!
Battery-operated Flameless Outdoor Candles
Remote for Battery-operated Outdoor Flameless Candle
Now with a simple press of the button, we have beautiful candlelight to enjoy our evenings al fresca!
Je t'aime!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cakes I Love!

My husband, Brian, designed this beautiful “gift” cake from Creative Cakes in Silver Spring, MD for my birthday!

I love the color of the soft green fondant “wrapping” and the embossed fondant ribbon that Brian chose added a beautiful touch!

One of the cool tricks I learned, as we cut the cake, was to add another layer of fondant to the top portion of the cake to make it appear like a lid to the gift box!

If you’re looking for fun and beautiful cakes check out Creative Cakes in Silver Spring!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life's A Party

Are you hosting a gathering of friends and loved ones this summer? Make sure everyone gets to know each other with these fun erasable wineglass name tags from fredflare.com!

Each set comes with six silicone tags that loop around a wine stem and a dry erase marker for easy cleaned-up label-making.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Dandy Device

Last week, I featured our new water fountain that we created in our back garden. It is a wonderful addition to our patio. However, when we wanted to turn the fountain on and off we would have to trudge our way through the new vegetation to reach the plug. Not an ideal situation.

So, I immediately began searching for a solution and came upon this Outdoor Outlet Remote Control Kit.

With the simple press a button on the remote, we have complete control over the flow of water in our new backyard!

No more worries about the fountain running too long or running out of water. Now, we simply turn it on whenever we want to enjoy the sounds of splashing water!

Get yours here! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Dandy Idea

Last week, I posted about creating monogrammed outdoor pillows for your garden. As I mentioned in the post, my husband Brian and I have been working hard to spruce up our garden for the summer season. A major part of that has been creating a water feature in our back garden.
fountain 008We used to have a wonderful water fountai in our garden, however, as the summers wore on the fountain wore out and sprang a leak. If you remember my post “New Uses for Old Things,” I decided to reuse that fountain and turn it into a planter.  While the results were beautiful, we eventually wanted to replace it with a new water feature.

This spring, as we were thinking about what type of fountain we wanted, we came upon the idea of reusing what we had and creating a fountain out of our sculpture of a Greek water carrier.
We knew our sculpture had a hole in the center, so that it could be used as a fountain, so we began searching for pool basins that our statue could stand on.
Little Giant 36" Round Disappearing Water Feature Basin - 566559
Eventually, we found this disappearing water basin from The Water Gardener. Our plan was to dig a hole for the underground pool liner and then place river stones and our statue on top so that the water would splash on the rocks and filter back into the underground pool. However, upon dismantling our old broken water fountain, I made a delightful discovery. After dismantling the old fountain, I realized that the base of the fountain made the perfect pedestal for our new water goddess!
So after digging our hole for the underground pool and running a hose from the water pump into the statue, we gently placed the river stones, pedestal and statue on top. The results were a beautiful statuesque water feature.
Once we finished adding our new plantings and mulch, we now have a beautiful respite from the hectic world where we can relax and enjoy the sounds of rushing water!

When you’re looking to tackle your next project, whether it be in the home or out in the garden, see what you can repurpose to create your very own sanctuary!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Breaking News! Front Row Monthly Hits Newsstands!

Front Row Monthly

I have some wonderful news to share! The Domestic Dandy is now a monthly contributor to Front Row Monthly, a new and exciting Pittsburgh fashion magazine from Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Gina Caruso Hussar. As FRM's D.C. Correspondent and Interior Design Consultant, I will be updating readers on the latest and greatest from D.C. and New York.

I'm excited to be a part of this new venue and wanted to share the inaugural issue with you! Check it out!

Jeff Clouser, D.C. Correspondent and Interior Design Consultant. 
Jeff is the author of The Domestic Dandy- A style blog that offers creative inspiration and style for your home and your life. He lives in Washington, DC with his husband and partner of 12 years. He is FRM’s D.C. Correspondent and Interior Design Consultant. He is insanely creative. His house, which he decorated himself, is gorgeous and we aren’t allowed in it. He will be bringing us the latest and greatest from D.C. and New York. 
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