Friday, July 22, 2011

Time for a Change…

I recently wore my favorite watch and realized it needed some sprucing up.

I love the signs of the zodiac on the face, but the brown leather watchband feels so heavy and drab for summer.

After scouring the internet for something a little more summery and fresh, I came upon; A company that specializes in ribbon products and accessories. I loved their fresh and preppy ribbon watchbands and the price was perfect!

I loved their packaging
After perusing the many options, I ended up buying two bands to wear with different outfits…one needs options after all!

And as each band is easy to attach and remove it’s fun to swap them in and out when getting dressed in the mornings!

watch finger
Looks like it’s cocktail time!

Three Chickadees also offers great belts, gifts and madras clothing for men and women. Check out their website here!

Love it!

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