Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumnal Arrangement

As the air began to get a little cooler, I became excited about the coming fall season and felt the urge to create an arrangement for our coffee table that would reflect the changing season.
So this past weekend, armed with a pair of shears and a beautiful urn as a base, I headed out to the garden for some natural inspiration where I began collecting dried annabelle and limelight hydrangeas, sedum, nandena and some grasses.

annabelle hydrangea
limelight hydrangea
After collecting all of my clippings, I began creating my centerpiece by placing a flower foam core inside the urn to provide a secure base for the dried flowers. I then began placing my annabelle and limelight hydrangeas in the foam and interspersed them with sedum and nandena berries topping it all off with a few grassy stems.

The results were a decadent autumnal centerpiece!


As you prepare for fall, don't forget to bring inside some of those beautiful outdoor touches to mark the changing season!

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