Friday, September 30, 2011

An Organized Life…Is a Good Life

If you follow the Dandy regularly, you know that I love choices. This love, of course, extends to my collection of bags for work. Another thing that the Dandy loves is organization, so when I discovered this wonderful product from The Container Store, I was very excited!


This “handy holdall” allows me to organize all of my work bags and put them on display, so that I can choose between them on a busy workday morning. 

Today, for example, I needed something to go with my brown suede shoes and madras jacket.

After careful consideration, I chose my Fred Perry shoulder bag that I purchased in San Francisco.


After collecting Bailey and his workbag, I was ready for a hard day at the office!


I love having my bags at the ready for any occasion and it keeps my closet floor free and clear for more shoes!!


  1. Holy cow. I need one of those. Actually, I take that back, my partner and I might *each* need one of those for our bag collections. Victory!

  2. LOL...I know what you mean Greg! When I first bought mine, Brian asked me if one would be only response was "for now..." :)


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