Friday, September 23, 2011

The Stylish Yogi - Serene Spaces

When I sent out Tuesday’s post, The Stylish Yogi, a reader commented on the wall behind me. She loved the wall graphic and how it was incorporated into the look of the room.

I love our home gym and find it an energizing and fun space. To create such an atmosphere, we took our dingy dark garage (that served only as a catchall storage space) and freshened it up with floor to ceiling paint. We chose a soft gray color to give it a modern feel.

yoga party
Then I discovered inexpensive wall graphics at IKEA and began to strategically place them around the room. Because our garage walls are brick, I attached the wall graphics with silicone to add extra hold.

yoga party 035
yoga party 045
Once the background was in place, we moved our yoga and gym equipment in and have enjoyed the space ever since.

If you have a room that is dedicated to storing your old and forgotten items, think about how you can reclaim that space and begin to fully enjoy your home! Martini’s optional!!

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