Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

halloween0001Here’s a Halloween treat you can make yourself!
As guests retired from our Halloween themed dinner party, each received a tiny treat box filled with candy.

To create this adorable box, simply downloaded the template from Martha and using scissors and scotch tape assembled the boxes.

Finish off with ribbon and fill with candy and you have a wonderful parting gift!

As a bonus treat this Halloween, I wanted to share a friend’s recipe for her Zombie Virus Potion! It was a delicious cocktail and a big hit at her party. Mix ingredients carefully, you don’t want to accidently spill any of this lethal potion!

Zombie Virus Potion Champagne (one bottle) Diet Orange Soda (a two liter) 2 cups Grape Fruit juice Vodka (to taste) Eyes of a Newt (Whole Foods Maybe?)

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hosting Halloween

My husband and I hosted a small Halloween gathering at Redbud Terrace this past weekend. the spirit of the season, I wanted to entertain our guests with a spooky but elegant theme. I love the look of black and silver, so I began designing my table using those two colors.
To begin building my tablescape, I used black cheesecloth tablecloths as my foundation. The creepy flow of the fabric and the barely there look of the mesh created just the right vibe for my wicked table.

Once the tablecloth was down, I created a centerpiece out of a raised silver platter (I used a book under the tablecloth to layer my centerpiece), a silver candlestick and an awesome jewel encrusted skull I found at my local craft store. blackbirds perched on either side of the skull, completed the look.

To flank my centerpiece and add some drama to the table, I polished up my silver candlesticks and added black candles and plenty of spider webs to give it an eerie and forlorn look.
Once my centerpiece was complete, I began working on the individual place settings. To keep with the color scheme, I used silver chargers as my base and adorned them with glittery black spiders.
After placing our china on the chargers, I marked each guests place at the table with a silver skull place card holders.

To create the place card holders, I purchased silver glittered skulls at the crafts store.
Using a precision cutter,
I cut a small slit into each skull…
where I then placed my personalized place cards.
The results were an eerily delightful place card!
Once the table was set, I completed the haunted hall theme by scattering webs in other parts of the room…

Even our little monsters made an appearance…

It was a lovely dinner party, followed by dessert and a rousing game of Halloween Pictionary…which may I add, my team won. Yeah!!

Stay tuned for Thursday’s Dandy Post, when I’ll reveal the ghoulishly fun dessert I whipped up for our guests!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Hosting–Part 2

In Tuesday’s post, I discussed our Haunted Halloween dinner party complete with silver skulls and glittery spiders.
A rhinestone studded skull added a glamous touch!
Not so scary when they're covered in glitter...
In keeping with the theme of the evening, I wanted to serve a fun and frightening dessert.
While contemplating ideas, I discovered an adorable “Brains” cupcake kit from World Market. The kit comes complete with cake mix, icing mix, pastry bag, skeletal cupcake aprons, and detailed instructions on how to top your cupcake with a sugary sweet “brain.”

Instructions on how to create a brain. Dr. Frankenstein wishes he had it this easy!!
Don't leave your brains hanging, skull apron adds the final touch.
I had fun decorating the cupcakes, although it took me a couple of tries to get the brains, right. Thankfully, the “mistakes” did not go to waste as they were devoured as fast as they were made…


Once I got the hang of it, they were easy to make and a big hit that left us wanting more brains, BRAINS!!!

Brains!! Brains!!
Happy Halloween!!  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dandy Dish Contest

The Dandy is pleased to announce the winner of the "Dandy Dish Contest" held back in September.

After careful consideration and many taste tests conducted by our judge, my husband Brian...

...the winner is Stephen Courtney of DC. Stephen submitted his apple raspberry pie. In fact, he was such a go-getter in the contest that he dropped off a sample of his delicious pie for us to taste.

The seasonal ingredients were delicious and his crust was phenomenal.

So, congratulations to Stephen Courtney! Your prize, the much coveted "Dandy Apron" is on it's way!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Repurposing with Style

fur coat
Awhile back I was asked if I wanted a beautiful mink coat that no one else wanted. Though, I loved the soft chocolate brown fur and the detail of the monogrammed liner, there was no way I could wear the coat in public...even if I very much wanted to ;). However, I accepted the coat knowing that I could come up with some use for this beautiful vintage fur.

As I mulled over ideas of what could be done, I began to envision a beautiful fur throw and pillows that would be a welcome sight on a cold chilly winter evening by the fire. However, I didn't have a clue how to begin repurposing the vintage coat.

At first, I went to a local furrier to ask if they could repurpose the coat. I was told that certainly they could repurpose the coat for the mere cost of $1200. After the initial shock wore off, I explained to the women that I was not asking them to add fur to the coat and quickly exited the store for a more economical solution.

Thankfully, through my adventures as the Domestic Dandy, I met Scott Spahr of SPAHR designs in Rehoboth. I love Scott’s clothing designs and mix of patterns and colors, and it dawned on me that he may just be the perfect person to repurpose my vintage fur coat into something more usable.

Delightedly, I placed my faith in the right person. I picked up my beautiful fur throw and pillows last weekend and instantly fell in love with it. By taking the coat apart and using the bottom half under the shoulders for the throw and repurposing each gathered sleeve into roll neck pillows, Scott brought my vision to life.


And, I love the small details Scott used in the making of the throw and pillows including...

the monogram that graced the inside lining...

and vintage buttons a client had brought back from India.

Thanks Scott for your wonderful craftsmanship! I’ll be toasty warm all winter long, now if only Brian would bring me my hot toddy…

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Dog-gone Dandy Idea

There’s nothing our family enjoys more than heading to the beach to visit friends.

The Kids
Unfortunately, our travels were a struggle because the kids would slide around in their cages in the back of the car as we drove down the road. Rather than “stopping the car” and pulling over to straighten out the kids, I came up with this little trick to keep their crate pads from sliding around.


Simply cut a piece of rug pad to fit the floor of the cage and place the crate pad on top of it.


No more nails against the chalk board sounds as we head towards the beach! It makes Maggie so very happy and her Daddies as well!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knit with Balls

Front Row Monthly | October 2011
Knit with Balls....check out this month's column in Front Row Monthly!
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