Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Hosting–Part 2

In Tuesday’s post, I discussed our Haunted Halloween dinner party complete with silver skulls and glittery spiders.
A rhinestone studded skull added a glamous touch!
Not so scary when they're covered in glitter...
In keeping with the theme of the evening, I wanted to serve a fun and frightening dessert.
While contemplating ideas, I discovered an adorable “Brains” cupcake kit from World Market. The kit comes complete with cake mix, icing mix, pastry bag, skeletal cupcake aprons, and detailed instructions on how to top your cupcake with a sugary sweet “brain.”

Instructions on how to create a brain. Dr. Frankenstein wishes he had it this easy!!
Don't leave your brains hanging, skull apron adds the final touch.
I had fun decorating the cupcakes, although it took me a couple of tries to get the brains, right. Thankfully, the “mistakes” did not go to waste as they were devoured as fast as they were made…


Once I got the hang of it, they were easy to make and a big hit that left us wanting more brains, BRAINS!!!

Brains!! Brains!!
Happy Halloween!!  

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