Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

halloween0001Here’s a Halloween treat you can make yourself!
As guests retired from our Halloween themed dinner party, each received a tiny treat box filled with candy.

To create this adorable box, simply downloaded the template from Martha and using scissors and scotch tape assembled the boxes.

Finish off with ribbon and fill with candy and you have a wonderful parting gift!

As a bonus treat this Halloween, I wanted to share a friend’s recipe for her Zombie Virus Potion! It was a delicious cocktail and a big hit at her party. Mix ingredients carefully, you don’t want to accidently spill any of this lethal potion!

Zombie Virus Potion Champagne (one bottle) Diet Orange Soda (a two liter) 2 cups Grape Fruit juice Vodka (to taste) Eyes of a Newt (Whole Foods Maybe?)

Happy Halloween!!

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