Thursday, October 13, 2011

Repurposing with Style

fur coat
Awhile back I was asked if I wanted a beautiful mink coat that no one else wanted. Though, I loved the soft chocolate brown fur and the detail of the monogrammed liner, there was no way I could wear the coat in public...even if I very much wanted to ;). However, I accepted the coat knowing that I could come up with some use for this beautiful vintage fur.

As I mulled over ideas of what could be done, I began to envision a beautiful fur throw and pillows that would be a welcome sight on a cold chilly winter evening by the fire. However, I didn't have a clue how to begin repurposing the vintage coat.

At first, I went to a local furrier to ask if they could repurpose the coat. I was told that certainly they could repurpose the coat for the mere cost of $1200. After the initial shock wore off, I explained to the women that I was not asking them to add fur to the coat and quickly exited the store for a more economical solution.

Thankfully, through my adventures as the Domestic Dandy, I met Scott Spahr of SPAHR designs in Rehoboth. I love Scott’s clothing designs and mix of patterns and colors, and it dawned on me that he may just be the perfect person to repurpose my vintage fur coat into something more usable.

Delightedly, I placed my faith in the right person. I picked up my beautiful fur throw and pillows last weekend and instantly fell in love with it. By taking the coat apart and using the bottom half under the shoulders for the throw and repurposing each gathered sleeve into roll neck pillows, Scott brought my vision to life.


And, I love the small details Scott used in the making of the throw and pillows including...

the monogram that graced the inside lining...

and vintage buttons a client had brought back from India.

Thanks Scott for your wonderful craftsmanship! I’ll be toasty warm all winter long, now if only Brian would bring me my hot toddy…

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