Thursday, December 15, 2011

Center of Attention…

After I finished decorating our living room for Christmas… with lots of glitter and gold…it was time for the Dandy to give our dining room a little holiday cheer. 

Everything is so shiny!!
I desired a fun…and of course golden…centerpiece for the dining room table, so off I went to take an inventory of the house to collect items that I thought might make an interesting centerpiece.

Out of the various odds and ends I discovered around the house, I chose a pair of silver candlesticks, a large silver tray, two glamorous reindeer and a rich golden table runner.

Using the runner as my base, I placed the silver tray in the center, set the two reindeer on top and scattered faux snow among their hooves. I then placed the silver candlesticks on either side and…instead of using traditional white candlesticks…added black tapered candles for a glamorous edge.

Once I hung wreaths on our French doors, and gave Diana, the Huntress, a little evergreen crown, the dining room was ready to greet our guests!


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