Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas at Your Fingertips

This past summer, as my readers may remember, I purchased two remote controlled outlets for our water fountains. This ingenious device enabled us to turn our fountains on and off without having to climb into the bushes to unplug them. 

In true Dandy fashion, as we were winterizing our fountains, I realized that the remote controlled outlets would be perfect for our indoor Christmas lights.

Before, on a cold winter evening...when I wanted a little Christmas warmth, I would have to walk over to the tree and turn on those lights, then walk over to the mantel and turn those lights on. Finally, I would then turn each of our individual lamps on around the room. It was a hassle…. But never fear, the Dandy is here! Now with a simple click of a button, all my Christmas lights come on in a glorious instant.
After! It's very exciting!
Now thanks to this Dandy idea, there’s more time for Christmas cheer!!

Purchase your set of remote controlled outlets here!

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