Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cakes

I enjoy baking and decorating a cake each year for our Christmas Dessert Party. Some of my past cakes include…


This year, in honor of our recent trip to Paris, I decided to try my hand at making a traditional Buche de Noel.

After finding a simple recipe on cooking.com, I collected my ingredients and began making my “Magic Forest Yule Log Cake.”

While the mixing and baking part was simple, I was a little nervous about rolling my completed cake. I had 30 people coming to our house that night, what if it crumbled to pieces?! Just in case, I had Brian at the ready to make an emergency cake run to the store.

Thankfully, just as the recipe said, it rolled beautifully and I was ready to begin decorating.

To begin, I sliced the cupcakes (made with the same batter) at an angle to use as cut-off branches. I then iced my cake with the homemade chocolate icing and placed the cupcakes on the “log.”

Once, the limbs were in place, I began scoring the icing with a fork to create a bark effect.

photo 3
After finishing the cake, I turned my attention to making some decorative mushrooms. To create my mushrooms, I used white chocolate malted milk balls and mini marshmallows.

photo 4
Cutting the milk balls in half, I “glued” the mini marshmallows onto the “mushroom cap” and then placed them around my cake.

To complete the look, I decorated the cake with fresh holly and greenery from around the garden.

photo 5
When ready to serve, sift some confectionery sugar on the top of the Buche de Noel to create a soft snow effect.

The results are a delicious and beautiful cake to warmly greet your guests. 

Happy Holidays!

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