Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s that time of year…

I love decorating for the holidays. The greenery, the sparkling decorations and the lush accessories make a wonderful glowing home for the holidays.

This past Sunday, I began decorating our home. Unfortunately, after 3 hours I didn’t get much further than my mantel...but isn’t that why we begin decorating so early for the holidays… so we can get everything just so!

This year I really wanted a lush look for our mantel, complete with greenery cascading down the sides of our fireplace. Unfortunately, none of our garlands were long enough to create the desired effect. I didn’t want to purchase new greenery, so after a consultation with the husband, we decided to snip one of our pre-existing garlands in half with wire cutters and attach each of those ends to our smaller garland to create a long luxurious look.

Once, the greenery was in place, I began adding golden apples and ornaments to the garland to add some glitter and gold. I loved the look, but it needed something to give it texture and depth. To achieve this, I added pheasant feathers and pinecones.

The brilliant golden browns of the feathers work really well with the shine of the gold ornaments and the gleam of the golden apples and adds a warm and natural touch.

When I was satisfied with the garland, I added golden glass candlesticks and orbs to catch the light and captivate the eye.

Note: To give myself enough room to place items on the mantel, I wired the garland to the front of the mantel using small nails and floral wire. This gives you a nice wide flat surface to work with.

To complete the look, I added classic urns filled with pheasant feathers at the base of each side of the hanging garland and hung strings of golden beads under the mantel.

Now that the mantel is complete, I’ll sip some wine in front of the fire and think about my plans for the rest of our home!

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